Monday, January 24, 2011

New version is online

We have decided to put online the new version of gpsfly, despite its incompleteness, because we were a little lost in the development. Feedback is appreciated.

So, now what's new?
  • You can analyze your track on a special page, where different graphs like speed and elevation are shown. Here you find an example:
  • Track summary: average speed, time, moving time, pace, hearth-rate, temperature, etc
  • User personal homepage
  • Drag and drop upload on the personal page (except IE)
  • Edit track title and description on the personal homepage
  • Improved track player: play backward, proportional speed, track position control slider
  • Support for tracks in the sky (paragliding, airplane, etc). Example:
  • Help tooltips (that you can disable)
  • For more interactivity there is a discussion group, where you can report bugs and suggest features.

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